Current Investments

Intombazane’s current investments include a wide range of companies in several industries.  The list includes start-ups, third generation family owned business and the local entities of large international companies.

Their particulars and a summary of their services are included below.  Their website addresses and most resent BEE Status are included as well, so please do check them out .
Should you wish to reach out to any of the entities for a reference, let us know and you can be put into contact with the right person.


Gestalt Consult

Gestalt Consult (Pty) Ltd

Turning B-BBEE into your Competitive Advantage through Outcome-Based Transformation and Compliance

The Investment Percentage:30%
Investment Date:5 October 2022
BEE Level on Scorecard:Level 1
Business Size:QSE
Business Sector:General Sector Codes
About the Company

Gestalt Consult has been delivering profitable growth through applying novel B-BBEE strategies since 1998.

Gestalt exists to design and assist businesses to unravel the complexities of B-BBEE.  We help businesses achieve the highest possible empowerment score for the lowest investment.

We design sustainable business growth and transformation strategies in the spirit and the letter of BEE to better companies and its beneficiaries.

How?  Gestalt uses novel and proven business transformation models to improve business competitiveness and compliance while growing shareholder value.

We serve local and international businesses who seek to unlock maximum potential from South African’s dynamic domestic market.

Gestalt is more than a consultancy. We are an end-to-end partner to unlock business growth through BEE.

Their Services:
  • BEE Consulting Solutions
  • BEE Ownership Services
  • Skills Development Services
  • Supply and Value Chain Transformation
  • Verification Support Services
  • Mergers and Acquisitions
  • International Clients and Multinationals
  • Independent Assessments
  • Development Management
  • Workshop and Training
  • Economic Development in Africa



IMQAS – International Meat Quality Assurance Services (Pty) Ltd

The Investment Percentage:26%
Investment Date:1 December 2018
BEE Level on Scorecard:Level 1
Business Size:QSE
Business Sector:AgriBEE
About the Company

IMQAS is an independent service provider primarily supplying abattoirs with qualified, skilled meat inspection and classification personnel.

Their Services:
  • Meat Inspection
  • Meat Classification
  • Hygiene Assessment Systems
  • Hygiene Management Systems

IMQAS places emphasis on excellence and high standards. To maintain this, our services are managed and evaluated by a well-qualified and experienced technical team. This entails the following:

  • Induction training of new employees
  • In-service training and evaluation of existing meat examiners, meat inspectors and meat classifiers
  • Continuous training to enable employees to stay abreast of new regulations, methods and techniques.
  • Internal auditing of our personnel to improve quality of inspection.
  • Auditing by means of the HAS evaluation.
Key Personnel

Gerrie Oberholzer – Executive Chairman

Reference Quotation from Key Representative:

“…IMQAS partnered with Intombazane because we strongly support their focus on the development of young black women.  It is a critical challenge for South Africa and we were impressed with the success they are having with their programmes.  Their support at shareholder level has been most welcome and we have consistently achieved a B-BBEE level One status…”



Levergy Marketing Agency – M&C Saatchi Sport & Entertainment

Levergy is an award-winning Sport & Entertainment Communications Agency

The Investment Percentage:30%
Investment Date:1 March 2018
BEE Level on Scorecard:Level 1
Business Size:QSE
Business Sector:Marketing, Advertising & Communications Sector
About the Company

Levergy connects brands to consumers through the things people love.

They believe in the power of “Brutal Simplicity”. Simple ideas enter the brain quicker and stay there longer.

However, creative simplicity takes time, skill and in their case, very specialist knowledge in the worlds of sponsorship strategy and activation, experiential, sport PR, entertainment PR, content creation and social media.

They are the most awarded agency in their industry in recent years, working for some of the world’s biggest brands and have proved time after time, that a Brutally Simple approach not only delivers big, market-leading creative ideas, but also generates commercial impact.


Because simple ideas enter the brain quicker and stay there longer.


Because creative ideas will always deliver impact.


Because if an idea doesn’t work or can’t be measured, then why bother?

Reference Quotation from Key Representative:

“Intombazane have been a wonderful partner and we are incredibly proud of being a part of their story. We have thoroughly enjoyed the journey with them so far and look forward to more wonderful outcomes from the relationship”  Struan Campbell; Partner | CEO



ProudAfrique Human Capital (Pty) Ltd

We can provide a choice of leveraged skills programmes for any person at any level in any department of any company in any industry

The Investment Percentage:30.1%
Investment Date:1 November 2017
BEE Level on Scorecard:Level 2
Business Size:QSE
Business Sector:General Sector
About the Company

ProudAfrique Human Capital is a dedicated skills development facilitation business assisting companies in B-BBEE accredited training.  We offer a range of Learnership and Skills Development Training and courses run through accredited institutions.  Our approach maximises the benefits your business can receive from B-BBEE, including substantial financial incentives.

ProudAfrique was formed from a clear and deep understanding of the impact that the Amended B-BBEE Codes will have on companies in terms of Skills Development.  The Skills targets in the Amended Codes increased in almost all categories and with the inclusion of demographics, many companies were increasingly frustrated that their budgets were insufficient to obtain good scores.

ProudAfrique is perfectly positioned to assist businesses with all aspects of Skills Development and their related BEE Compliance.

Their Services:
  • Strategic Planning
  • Skills Programmes
  • Career Activation for people with disabilities
  • Employment equity compliance and reporting
  • Seta and WSP Compliance


B2 Architects

B2 Architects

The Investment Percentage:20%
Investment Date:1 August 2021
BEE Level on Scorecard:Level 4
Business Size:QSE
Business Sector:Construction BEP Sector
Their Philosophy

“b2 Architects believe that architecture is a tool through which the lives of people can be enhanced by being responsive to their senses.

We encourage our clients to join us on a journey to continually push the technological envelope and find appropriate answers for every project. Our contemporary palette is contemplative, purposeful and bold yet void of the whimsical fashion innuendoes so prevalent in society.

Our role as architects is educational as much as it is technical. We embrace the pioneering spirit of Africa which has led us far afield exploring other cultures and opportunities throughout the continent. It is a place where we can and want to make a difference.

We have over many years brought the same passion and enthusiasm for our profession to every new project. We embrace the challenges that lie ahead and look forward to the future with absolute enthusiasm.”

Their Portfolio and prominent projects comprise the following:

  • Data Centres
  • Healthcare Facilities, i.e., laboratories
  • Government Buildings, i.e., magistrates’ courts, libraries
  • Commercial, office parks, railway stations, etc.
  • Residential


Brands on Parasols

Brands on Parasols & Signs

Tailor made solutions for branded parasols & signs

The Investment Percentage:10,1%
Investment Date:1 October 2019
BEE Level on Scorecard:Level 1
Business Size:QSE
Business Sector:General Sector Codes
About the Company

Brands On is an international company with its parent company based in Belgium and one of their factories based in Cape Town, South Africa.

“Brands On is more than just a supplier developing products that increase brand visibility.

Every decision is taken with a view to establishing a long-term relationship with clients. Their products are tailored to each client’s unique and specific needs, in order to highlight their brand values in a powerful and targeted manner. 

They are best known for parasols, LED sign solutions and different types of displays. Their clients include major international retail brands, restaurants and cafés, as well as hotels.

Their products are always created with corporate social responsibility in mind.

You are most likely to have spotted some of their work before, probably without realizing which company was behind it. “

High-quality materials combined with craftsmanship ensure that they offer products that are long lasting.

Product Range:

They are best know for their Parasols, LED sign solutions and different types of displays and Glorifiers.


Engaged BT

Engaged Business Turnaround

The Investment Percentage:5.19%
Investment Date:14 July 2022
BEE Level on Scorecard:Level 1
Business Size:QSE
Business Sector:General Sector
About the Company

Engaged Business Turnaround was established as a multi-disciplinary turnaround and restructuring firm providing stakeholders with the most favourable possible outcome for their exposures under the circumstances.  The firm is headed by experienced business persons and entrepreneurs who have built successful businesses of their own and managed the turnaround of diverse entities in both a proprietary and consulting capacity.

Their Services:
  • Business Restructuring
  • Turnaround
  • Business Rescue
  • Capital Raising
  • Independent Business Review
  • Cash Flow Management
Key Personnel

Ian Fleming – CEO
Warren Castle – Operations Director
Dr Raynold Sello Mkhondo – Director


Geneva AD Woodworking

Geneva AD – Woodworking

The Investment Percentage:11%
Investment Date:31 July 2020
BEE Level on Scorecard:Level 2
Business Size:QSE
Business Sector:General Sector, Manufacturing Industry
About the Company

Geneva Ad®, a privately owned business, was formed in 1997 to focus on the manufacture of merchandising display systems for the indoor advertising market. They have branches in KZN, Western Cape and Gauteng.  Over the years, innovation and product development has seen Geneva Ad® expand its product offering to include a wide range of retail and POS solutions.

It has established a reputation as a leader in the display system manufacturing industry, offering quality products and guaranteed service delivery at very competitive pricing because our clients are able to purchase directly from the manufacturer.

The company took a decision in principle to procure raw materials in South Africa that conform to international specifications. This decision was taken to assure the finished quality of our products while securing the support of local industry suppliers. In collaboration with our supply base, Geneva Ad® has pushed the boundaries in terms of the quality of raw materials to equal or better those imported from Europe, America and China. Through its local supply partnerships, Geneva Ad® has a distinct advantage when it comes to manufacturing unique customer requirements on short lead-times, while still ensuring international standards in product quality and durability.

As Geneva AD® continues to thrive and mature they have expanded their sheet metal plant to include full CNC processes, including form cutting, punching, bending, machining, and welding of metal components. Their most recent acquisition is the largest specialized plastic laser cutter in South Africa. This allows them to do high-speed laser etching, engraving and cutting of wood and acrylic materials.

Geneva Ad® offers the following services for contract customers and bulk runs:

Woodworking services:

Geneva Ad’s Woodworking plant is fitted with the best machinery. They have a Flatbed C&C Reuttering machine that can handle a full-size board. They are capable of creating rounded edging with their Automated Industrial Edging machine which can run straight from CAD and DXF files. They pride themselves in the environmentally friendly materials they use. 

Laser Cutting Services:

They can cut virtually any non-metal material utilising a full standard sheet (3000mm x 2000mm). In general, they can handle thicknesses of up to 25mm, depending on the material.

Powder Coating Services:

High Performance Coatings for Aluminium and Steel. Their serviced industries include OE automotive parts, architectural building applications, sheet metal applications and high-end display units. 

They are able to handle any commercial or industrial job from prototype to large production runs.

Key Personnel

Ignace Van Goethem – Owner


Goliath Transport Logistics

Goliath Transport Logistics (Pty) Ltd
The Investment Percentage:23%
Investment Date:17 February 2023
BEE Level on Scorecard:Expected Level 1
Business Size:QSE
Business Sector:Transport Sector - Road Freight
About the Company

Goliath Transport Logistics is a well-established business since 2017. Goliath Transport Logistics is 51% black owned and the shareholders consists of Goliath Transport Logistics 49%, Puno Gestalt Investments 28% and Intombazane Holdings 23%. We service various clients in the transport industry and small logistics sector. Our main aim for 2023 is to expand our business operation within the larger transport market.

Goliath Transport Logistics currently owns 1 vehicle but has multiple subcontractors. Our client base is made up of (from biggest to smallest): Manganese Metal Company, Tazchem, Soiltech, Lowveld Trading Solutions, GC Farming, Bearing Service SA, PN Handelaars, Delta Yellow Trading, Benchmark Handling, Sudwalaskraal Nuts, Auquafarm, Fazina Products, Windmar and Lowveld Gate & Fence. We believe in sufficient and honest working procedures and exceptional relationships with our clients.

Goliath Transport Logistics is the main contact of distribution for all the above-mentioned customers for any load size between 1T and 14T. Goliath Transport Logistics main execution strategy is to consolidate loads to lower our rates and be more affordable than our competitors. We also do provide the service of full loads and 24/7 availability which gives us the competitive edge over our competitors.

The company is currently in the process of obtaining its own super link to start operations in the 34 – ton market.


ICT Link

ICT Link

The Investment Percentage:30.1%
Investment Date:1 March 2021
BEE Level on Scorecard:Level 1
Business Size:QSE
Business Sector:ICT Sector
About the Company

Their head office is based in Kathu with branches in Bloemfontein, Midrand and Vryburg

ICT Link is a company that is fully committed to transforming business through the creation of platforms and solutions which enable people to work smarter while making life easier. ICT Link is an innovation-driven enterprise that takes pride in offering ICT (Information and Communication Technology) services and solutions which are scalable, secure, proven, and easy to use.

They supply and maintain various products and prefer to tailor each solution to their customer’s specific needs as opposed to presenting a generic solution to a customer. They offer contractual support on all their products offered. They passionately develop innovative solutions which enable businesses to keep their properties, employees, operations, and information safe.

They deliver services which are tailored to the specific needs and requirements of each of their clients with the aim of ensuring that their clients run more profitable businesses while discovering better and more efficient and effective ways of achieving their business goals.  They professionally supply, deliver and install all their equipment themselves.

Their core values are building a dedicated team with a “never die” attitude, whom serves with integrity, honesty and trust.  They strive to build long term customer relationships by with transparency and adding value.

Their Services:
  • Communication
  • Printing
  • Security
Key Personnel

Grahame Rathbone – Managing Director


Idea Online

Institute of Digital Education Africa South Africa (Pty) Ltd t/a My Idea

The Investment Percentage:12,2%
Investment Date:1 July 2020
BEE Level on Scorecard:Level 1
Business Size:QSE
Business Sector:ICT Sector
About the Company

Idea is a digital education platform that is leading the way in interactive, data driven, full solution education systems. They have partnered with Non-Profit Organisations, schools and governments to better prepare students by harnessing the digital to transform education.  They have won numerous awards for Innovation and Education.

Their Products, just to name a few:

This is aimed at Ages 4-7 and teaches Numeracy & Literacy

This is aimed at Primary & Secondary learners and teaches Science, English & Mathematics

This is aimed at Adults, Teachers and Leaders and provides Professional Development

This is aimed at teachers and corporates and is an accredited Digital Skills tool

IDEA Library
This is a Comprehensive Asset Library to assist, educators, institutions and parents.

Key Personnel

Warren Young – COO
Dr Corrin Varady – C

Reference Quotation from Key Representative:

“IDEA South Africa is committed to the United Nation’s Sustainable Development goals of delivering gender equality and democratised quality education. As a partner of Intombazane, IDEA has been able to further this work successfully across South Africa with a minimum 50% female student subscription rate.”


Metric Automotive

Metric Automotive Engineering

The Investment Percentage:10.1%
Investment Date:1 August 2019
BEE Level on Scorecard:Level 4
Business Size:Generic
Business Sector:General Sector
About the Company

Metric Automotive Engineering is based in Germiston, Gauteng and is one of South Africa’s most comprehensively equipped diesel and gas engine component re-manufacturers.

Their Services:

They have an ISO accredited facility where they are able to provide a range of world class engine component remanufacturing services for the following:

  • Cylinder heads
  • Cylinder blocks
  • Camshafts
  • Crankshafts
  • Connecting rods
  • Housings, gears, hubs, rocker shafts and other ancillary components
  • Oil, hydraulic and transmission cooler cleaning
Key Personnel

Darryl Yorke – Managing Director
Andrew Yorke – Operations Director
Garth Hoskins – Financial Director


The Riverbed Marketing Agency

The Riverbed Marketing and Communications Agency (Pty) Ltd

The Investment Percentage:26%
Investment Date:1 February 2021
BEE Level on Scorecard:Level 1
Business Size:QSE
Business Sector:MAC Sector
About the Company

“Committed to Creating a Positive Impact”

Riverbed is an independent, black female owned full service TTL agency.  We create brand experiences people want to spend time with.

Care Culture

At Riverbed we believe in the power of the act of caring: that if you are brave, work hard and truly give a damn, magic happens.

Our response is Care Culture: a set of values, behaviours and ways of working that ensure the work we produce WORKS uniquely.

By our standards that means it resonates deeply with South Africans, belongs in their world and is measurably effective.

Who are we?

Perhaps a better question is “Why are we?” We are a team of individuals committed to creating a positive impact

In a world that feeds off connections, we forge lasting and empowering relationships between brands and people. We dig deeper to create interesting, thought-provoking and authentic experiences that linger.

What we Do:

We create Whole ideas.  Deeply resonant and sticky creative solutions that grow our clients’ brands and solve human problems.

We make brands part of culture and conversations. We do this through disruptive earned amplification and influencer ideas that guarantee, impact and relevance.

The Services offered:

  • Strategy
  • Advertising
  • Public Relations
  • Social Media
  • Digital